RSUD dr. Achmad Mochtar Bukittinggi First Patient

SMU healthcare with RSUD dr. Achmad Mochtar Bukittingi are committed to always improve cardiovascular service for Bukittinggi citizen. Right know RSUD dr. Achmad Mochtar have cathlab facility for CAG and PCI procedures who have it first patient on Monday, 14 October 2019. The first procedure had succeed handling 2 patients with PCI procedures. That procedure started from 10 AM with short duration time. Acted as operator is our proudly cardiologist intervention, dr. Triian Faesa, SpJP (K) FIHA.

dr. Trian Faesa, SpJP (K) FIHA is cardiologist intervention who expertise in cardiovascular disease and expert in CAG and PCI procedures. Cardiologist from Andalas University Padang has proven for handling cardiovascular disease. The patient had trouble with chest pain who caused by blocked blood flow and oxygen to heart muscle. With Cath lab procedure, patient can have better live quality and to avoid risk for having heart attack.

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