World Heart Day 2019

Celebrating World Heart Day, September 29th 2019, SMU Healthcare and our partners, RSUD Kota Bogor, RSAU dr. Esnawan Antariksa Halim, RS Permata Cirebon and RSUD Bahteramas Kendari had series of event. These events mainly providing free health check such as ECG, glucose check, and also cholesterol check.

Along with RSUD Kota Bogor, SMU Healthcare provides free ECG for PDAM Kota Bogor employees. This free ECG examination located in PDAM Kota Bogor head office at Tajur area. We have great enthusiastic crowd who are dominated by age of 40 years and over.

Meanwhile, SMU Healthcare and RSAU dr. Esnawan Antariksa Halim provide free glucose and cholesterol check. These blood checks received great demand by Indonesian military personnel and retirement who care about risk factor of cardiovascular diseases.

For Cirebon citizen, free glucose and cholesterol checks provided by SMU Healthcare and Permata Cirebon Hospital on Car Free Day event. Regularly held every Sunday morning, last Sunday became special since we held blood check together with FORKAMI Cirebon Community. These health checks attracted citizen who did their exercise on Car Free Day.

At the same day, RSUD Bahteramas Kendari also held various kind of activities for World Heart Day event in the hospital area. Several events were created such as cardiovascular health talk, aerobic, bazaar, free glucose and cholesterol checks, and many more.

In line with World Heart Federation campaign about becoming ‘a heart hero’, SMU Healthcare will always give the best quality services to overcome heart and cardiovascular disease. We hope Indonesian people would live well and have awareness about the importance on checking their health regularly

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