Cardiovascular Nurse Training Activities in 2019

SMU Healthcare routinely conducts cardiovascular training for partner hospital nurses, in this case, cardiovascular nurses. This aims to increase knowledge and ability handling of heart attack, as well as our appreciation to the hospitals partner for their cooperation with SMU Healthcare in dealing heart patients.

The activity that was held is nurse cardiovascular basic training at Harapan Kita Hospital, Jakarta. Participants in this training consisted of 13 participants from 7 of our hospitals partner. This training takes 3 months which consists of several series,beginning in September 2019 and will be end on November 2019. Some these training series consist of basic life support training, training in assistive functions, nursing training related to patient safety, site practical, and some training that can remind the nurse's ability to take action for patients.

SMU Healthcare hopes this routine training nurses can improve services, safety, and comfort of patients such as cardiac catheterization or heart ring installation.

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