First Cardiac Catheterization Procedure at Ibnu Sina Hospital Padang

On June 26, 2019, Ibnu Sina Islamic Hospital Padang, together with SMU Healthcare, successfully performed its first cardiac catheterization on a patient with 2 blockages in the heart arteries. The cardiac catheterization procedure lasted for about one hour and was handled directly by Dr. Masrul Syafri, SpPD, SpJP (K) FIHA.

Dr. Masrul Syafri, SpPD, SpJP (K) FIHA, one of the reputable interventionist doctors in West Sumatra and in Ibnu Sina Hospital, is a senior specialist who studied internal medicine at UNAND as well as cardiovascular diseases at FK UI. He successfully performed a cardiac catheterization on a 66 years old male patient who was complaining about chest pain. This procedure helps prevent a sudden heart attack caused by the interruption of the blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle.

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer in Indonesia. Improving the services to the community and cardiovascular health in general is a constant concern. Ibnu Sina Hospital Padang and SMU Healthcare are committed to providing the best treatment and services to the people of Padang and of West Sumatra.

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