Establishment of Commissariat PPNI – SMU Healthcare

The Indonesian National Nurse Association (PPNI) is a professional organization with the mission to plan and develop policies and guidance for the healthcare industry.

During an official ceremony held at our office in the presence of PPNI’s officials Ners, Iwan, S.Kep. The association announced the establishment of their South Jakarta branch inside SMU Healthcare’s headquarter. With this inauguration, SMU Healthcare legitimates its position as a PPNI key partner and reinforces its active participation to the development of the clinical resources for the Indonesian healthcare industry. We congratulate Amithya Agung, SMU Senior Clinical Specialist, who was appointed as the Head of SMU commissariat.

SMU Healthcare commits to provide the highest quality of care to the patients. By establishing this commissariat, SMU Healthcare can give nurses access to the latest content and knowledge about the healthcare industry, an important support for their licenses extension.

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