Radiation Safety and Protection Training

SMU Healthcare organized a Radiation Safety and Protection training at its head office in Jakarta in collaboration with BAPETEN (Indonesian Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency). This training was attended by our internal clinical team and service team as well as some Cardiologists and Anesthesiologists of our hospital partners.

Radiations can be a double-edge sword, they have benefits as well as risks. This training aim was to increase knowledge and awareness about radiations and how to protect ourselves in a clinical environment in order to get higher benefits while mitigating the risks.

Mr. Hendriyanto Haditjahyono (Executive Secretary of BAPETEN) was one of the key speakers of this event. He was thankful of SMU Healthcare’s effort to conduct this training and we eager to spread radiation awareness among stakeholders. BAPETEN top priority is to reach radiological safety in Indonesia.

It’s a part of SMU Healthcare’s commitment to ensure all stakeholders get proper knowledge and preparation in advance, so they are able to mitigate the risks while providing the best quality service to patients.

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