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Prokesa Health Talk at Puskesmas Kejaksan Cirebon

On October 20th 2018, RS Permata Cirebon and SMU Healthcare participated to Prokesa Health Talk at UPT Puskesmas Kejaksan. This event is held regularly by UPT Puskesmas Kejaksan. The theme of this Prokesa Health Talk was about Early Detection of Hearth Diseases. For more than 2 hours, SMU Healthcare and Puskesmas Kejaksan provided information and education material to nearly 70 people from different communities from around the Puskesmas.

Dr. Marisa Rosa Bella from RS Permata Cirebon, who acted as key speaker, explained how to detect Coronary Hearth Diseases (CHD) and how to treat patients diagnosed with CHD. Heart diseases are the number one cause of death in Indonesia. Prevention is key. SMU Healthcare and RS Permata Cirebon play an active role in providing education to fight the diseases.

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