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Opening of Semen Padang hospital Cathlab

Semen Padang Hospital (SPH), in partnership with SMU Healthcare, inaugurated its new catheterization laboratory. This advanced technology serves patients with heart diseases. According to the Director of SPH, Dr. Abdi Faithful Putra: “the hospital’s main objective in opening a cathlab service is to help people get the best cardiac services”.

This advanced technology allows cardiovascular surgeons to perform Angiography and PTCA procedures. SPH’s Cathlab is supported by the experienced cardiologists Dr. Muhammad Fadil, SpJP (K), Dr. Yerizal Kharani, SpPD, SpJP (K), Dr. Muhammad Syukri, SpJP (K) and Dr. Mefri Yanni, SpJP (K). SMU Healthcare is proud to partner with SPH to operate this new facility that will give access to the local communities to life saving’s healthcare treatments.

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