World Heart Day

2017 World Heart Day theme, celebrated on the 29th of September under the supervision of the world heart foundation, is Share the Power – Be Heart Healthy!

"We hope the World Heart Day celebration can increase public awareness on heart health in order to avoid cardiovascular diseases, which are the number 1 cause of death." said Syahlina, Chairman of the Indonesia Heart Foundation during a press conference about the World Heart Day 2017.

This year’s celebration 4 pillars are Know you heart (Understanding your risks), Fuel Your Heart (the application of healthy eating and drinking habits), Move Your Heart (active moves and exercise) and Love Your Heart (stop smoking).

The Indonesia Heart Foundation also participated in campaigning a healthy lifestyle through 5 healthy heart efforts consisting of:

1. Balance nutrition

2. Away from cigarettes

3. Face and overcome stress

4. Watch your blood pressure

5. Regular exercise

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